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Last Update : 2012/06/28
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Question / Issue
Bird 43 wattmeter with 250H slug element. Does the 5% +/- accuacry at full scale mean it also has the same 5% accuarcy at any point along that scale, or is it more accurate for levels below 250w? I believe you understand my question. Thanks!

Answer / Solution

With the Bird 43 the +/- 5% accuracy full scale means at 250 watts the accuracy is based on the 250 W element in use. So using a 250W element the accuracy is 250 watts + 5% and 250 watts -5%, or 250 +12.5 watts or 250 -12.5 watts. The accuracy window is therefore 237.5 to 262.5 watts.

If you try to measure 200 watts using the 250 watt element then the same +12.5 or -12.5 accuracy window is still in efffect, as it is based on full scale of the element

If you need the accuracy to track the lower power then the accuracy spec you need to look for is +/- 5% of display. We also manufacture that type of metering.

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